Tips for Flying with Your Child | How to Travel with Babies

How to Travel with Babies. Essential tips for making travel with a baby on a plane.

When the holidays approach, especially first-time parents and those who have just had a baby wonder what they should take into consideration to travel and enjoy quietly and smoothly. So, how to travel with babies?

Traveling only with a baby requires a little more care when choosing the destination, as well as transportation and travel time. All this is to avoid unpredictable situations or some discomfort.

Babies should not be an obstacle

Babies are not and should not be a problem when traveling anywhere, if the travel destination is safe for parents then it is also safe for babies. Babies adapt perfectly to any situation. If you like exotic destinations you can also take your baby, but for this you will have to take some precautions to ensure the health and convenience of the baby, as well as your hygiene.

If you plan to take a long journey and to an exotic country with your baby, the best thing is to inform your pediatrician about the basic care you should have regarding health, possible vaccines, etc. A baby that remains at an appropriate temperature, well hydrated and fed, who has ensured his moments of rest, has no reason to be a problem on any trip.

Traveling by plane does not pose a danger to babies. There is no need to fear long flights, the pressure during takeoff and landing, nor so little turbulence. On a longer flight, about 10 hours or more, the baby may have a little discomfort, but only the affection and care of parents will be needed to keep him quiet.

Be sure to take everything the little one will need on the trip, i.e. diapers, milk, food and water, clothes for change, some toy and a small first aid kit if necessary. There are many advantages in traveling with babies by plane. In general, flight attendants give families with babies special treatment when boarding (they are the first), a differentiated attention when you have to feed the baby, and are attentive to everything you need. Also, if your baby is under two years of age, your ticket will be free.

If your baby enjoys good health, he doesn’t have to pose an obstacle in family travel, whether on plane, train, car or bus. Babies adapt perfectly to any change, including time zone differences. Also, if the parents are calm, this will be transmitted to the baby.

Family tourism

Tips for traveling with your kids to be a healthy and fun experience

Traveling is always an exciting experience at any stage of life, but if we do it with children it can become an unpredictable adventure. It all depends on the age of the child and his own nature, if the child is quiet, reflective, hyperactive…

Many mothers no longer include the stroller in their pre-birth purchases, but rather a baby seat so they can travel comfortably and safely in the car.

How to entertain children on the trips

The plane is the means of transport most recommended for safety and speed, but depending on the destination, the experience can be equally difficult as it will require the child to remain in the same place for several hours or in a very limited space.

Many airlines, attentive to the care that may be to have a child on board, have already incorporated programs to keep it busy: notebooks and crayons for coloring and even didactic ‘tours’ by the plane with flight attendants. When you book the ticket do not forget to inform you that you will travel with a child. The airline can assist you in your planning and assist you in some details, for example, what is the best place for you to travel with your child and what food should include in the on-board service.

How to entertain children on the trips. Here are few tips to entertain kids while travelling.

Many passengers spend the time of travel watching movies that broadcast on the closed circuit of the plane, but almost never these are suitable for children, so it would be a good idea you take with you a portable DVD or tablet along with the videos that your child most Like. You can also take some toys that do not overload the luggage compartment or bother the rest of the passengers, or children’s books to share during the flight.

Another advice is that you take advantage of the ease that almost all aircraft have to allow passengers with children to first get on the plane. This will allow you to seek your place without haste and will not run the risk of walking down a corridor full of adults trying to settle in. Do not intend to keep the child sitting all the time, talk, play, let them get up from time to time and allow the child to interact without making the plane an amusement park.

Don’t make the child eat. The food that is distributed on the plane may not please the little one. The attention is that the child always drinks water, milk or juices. When the plane lands, you will take care of the rest. The moments of take-off and landing can cause discomfort to the child’s ears. If this is already a nuisance for adults, imagine in children, who are much more sensitive than us. Depending on their age, parents may allow chewing gum to relieve the pressure on their ears.

In this case, entertain the child by singing and talking, especially keep calm during these minutes so as not to alarm the little one. A good resource is to offer the pacifier, allow the child to get close to the window and let him be surprised by the landscape.

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The first flight with your baby

Both by land and by air, parents should not overprotect or spare new experiences for their children. If they experience fear or any other kind of emotional reaction, it is almost certain that they are reflecting what their parents are feeling. In most cases, it is the parents who are most afraid of flying.

Traveling by Plane with Babies

Parents are more afraid of flying than their children. Therefore, parents should not make excuses for not traveling with their baby in an airplane. According to the pediatricians, babies will be prepared to travel by plane from ten days or two weeks after birth, even if some travel earlier.

The stress of traveling with babies by plane is the amount of things you have to take with you. Even so, parents should not worry because airline stewards are more than prepared and used to this kind of situation. Usually, they are always aware if the parents will need warm water to prepare the bottle, or if they will need to sterilise the pacifier or things like that.

If the flight is too long, the companies offer a folding cradle on board, in the front row, for babies under two years of age, so that parents can travel more comfortably in their chairs, without having to carry them in their arms.

To make this first experience the best possible, follow some tips:

– Don’t forget to bring diapers, bottles, medicine, milk, a change of clothes, a little toy, pencil or book of stories and everything related to the baby.

  • Make sure your baby is in good health before the trip.
  • To prevent the pressure change inside the plane when taking off or landing, don’t bother the baby, offer the bottle or pacifier to release the air pressure that builds up in the ears.
  • Try to give the little one a lot of liquid during the trip.
  • Put on comfortable clothing for the baby, especially if the journey is too long.
  • If there is any change in the time zone, do not worry, because the baby’s internal clock will adapt little by little.
  • If the baby cries, take him to the back of the plane so as not to disturb the other passengers and distract him. For this, it is always good to take a toy or doll that the child likes.
  • Also: the safety of small children on the plane is very important. Your baby should wear a seat belt, whatever the journey. There are appropriate chairs for children from two years of age and up, to travel in adult seats.

The child’s first trip on an airplane | Tips for flying with your child

One of the most used means of transportation is the plane, but when the moment of a child’s first trip approaches, doubts and fears arise that can make the flight become a tense moment for parents and children.

We will explain below how to face the first flight with a child, which even if it seems that it may cause problems, is another extra experience to live with your children, since it is a means of transportation that generates a lot of expectation and fantasy in their imagination.

Tips for the child’s first plane trip

The first thing to bear in mind is that, whatever happens, children are able to face a plane trip from the first days of life, although, as with adults, it is recommended to follow a series of rules to avoid possible disorders.

How to Travel with Babies. Tips for taking your child on their first flight

The first and last moment of the flight, the take-off and landing, is the most delicate, as it can easily generate a stress situation in the child. It is advisable to give the baby a bottle or, if the child is a little older, to offer it a caramel or a gum to prevent the ears from being disturbed by the atmospheric pressure. It is also advisable to give the child water frequently during the flight, in order to avoid dehydration due to the dry air of the plane.

Another thing that must be taken into account is the child’s clothing. The clothes should be comfortable and suitable for the temperature in the plane, and even, if the trip is to take place at night, it is advisable to take the pajamas so that the little one feels more relaxed and can sleep more easily.

Also, if the parents are aware that the child has a tendency to get nausea, it is advisable not to eat too much in the hours before the flight. You can also take some medicine against nausea in your hand luggage, to administer to the child if necessary. Another thing that should be included in the carry-on luggage are sterilized baby bottles, or the usual food we can give the child, to avoid possible digestive disorders.

Finally, you should not forget to include the child’s favourite toys, so that the child can have fun during the flight and not get too bored.

Travelling by ship with baby | How to enjoy family holidays

Many parents decide to postpone their holiday trips until their baby grows up a little bit more so that they can enjoy the experience. Others don’t dare to take their baby on holiday because they are too young and feel insecure. But we find the ideal holiday for the whole family, regardless of your baby’s age: a cruise.

8 recommendations for travelling with your baby on a ship

Certainly traveling with a baby implies certain logistical complications, but these seem to disappear on cruises that may be prepared to face any situation. Travelling on a ship with a baby is much more comfortable than doing it by car, train or plane and the only inconvenience we encounter is that the baby may get seasick the first day. Something that can also happen to any adult. We have some recommendations for traveling by ship with the baby:

Choose a cruise with an interesting route, but not too long and prefer that the departure and arrival are in your own country of origin to avoid the trip by plane.

2. Consult with the travel agency or the ship’s own company about the age limit for babies. Most cruises allow any baby over 6 months to travel. Some only allow children from one year onwards.

3. You will need your baby’s documents, as well as a vaccination card to board the cruise, so any medical care can be covered by the plan. Don’t forget to take the basic medicines your baby may need, although on almost all cruises there is a doctor on duty.

4. When preparing your baby’s suitcase, take into account the outside temperature of the summer, not forgetting that inside the ship the air conditioning can be very intense. Do not forget jackets and cold clothing for your baby.

5. Before booking the cruise, ask if the ship has facilities and accessories for babies. On some ships you may find cot, bathtubs and even babysitters who can take care of your baby at specific times.

6. On these holidays it is good to forget about the stroller and just take a folding seat. The most useful tool both for being on the boat and on excursions in different cities will be the baby carrier bag.

7. Try to bring all the accessories and foods that your baby may need, such as pots or bottles. If you’re still breastfeeding your baby, it’s even better because there are fewer details to worry about.

8. Remember that your baby is your responsibility. If he or she is already walking or crawling you should be very attentive to him or her. And never forget that your family is not travelling alone on the cruise. Act with responsibility and respect because all passengers have the right to enjoy their holidays.

What to take on trips with children and babies

What you can’t forget to take on a trip with your kids

 The holidays are finally here! It seemed so far away, but time has passed so fast and the holidays have arrived. Time is short and the luggage is not ready yet. But before travelling as a family it is advisable to know precisely what needs to be put inside the luggage.

What to bring with you when travelling with children?

 If packing bags is already complicated, when travelling with children the matter becomes even more complicated. What do I have to bring? That’s the parents’ big concern when it comes to packing the kids’ bags.

Traveling with the little ones doesn’t mean filling the suitcase with things that will get in the way. To avoid this it is important to plan the trip in advance and make a list of the essential things to carry in your luggage. The most recommendable thing is to start by making a list of all the things that adults, babies and children will need. When preparing the suitcase you should pay attention to a number of factors such as the time or duration of the trip. Thinking about the climate of the place chosen for the holidays is very important when separating the appropriate clothes.

If the destination chosen is warm, always take less clothes that are used in cold weather. However, it is always convenient to bring a jacket, no matter how hot the destination is. The same happens with the duration of the trip. The longer the number of days of vacation, the more clothes to bring.

It is essential to bring a mobile phone in case of urgent calls. It is always a good idea to include in your diary, the Emergency Room phone or hospitals near your chosen location.

 Do not forget everyone’s documents. Also do not forget the insurance cards and health plans. In the case of babies, also take the vaccination card and the paediatrician’s phone number. It is also recommended to always carry a first aid kit.

 What to carry in your child’s bag.

  •  Two or three more changes of clothing than the trip lasts, in the event that some clothing is stained or something unforeseen happens.
  • Accessories: diapers, wet wipes, creams, gel, shampoo, cologne, comb, toothbrush, tissues.
  • Baby feeding: baby bottle, pacifier, bibs, covers adapted to your age, etc.
  • First aid kit for trips with children and babies
  •  Gauze compresses.
  • Cotton.
  • Plaster.
  • Band Aid.
  • Thermometer.
  • Oxygenated water.
  • Analgesics.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Ointments for insect spikes.
  • Saline solution.
  • Sunscreen.
How to travel with babies. Travelling by plane with your baby might sound challenging. Some planning will help you make the experience as safe and as comfortable as possible.

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