13 Places You Must Visit with Your Children in the US

Travelling with children can be more difficult and expensive, and more detailed planning on the conditions of the destination place can raise concerns, especially with children under 5 years of age. Thus, we have chosen 13 destinations that can be cheaper to visit in various U.S. states and still provide an amazing experience for your children. The closer you live from these destinations, the cheaper your trip will come out.

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California
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The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the main postcards of San Francisco, California. Built in the 1930s to connect Sausalito to the city of San Francisco it was considered the largest bridge in the world and today is one of the most photographed and visited attractions in the city. The cool thing is that you can make a crossing all over the bridge and still have a beautiful view of the city when you are in the part that is towards Sausalito. The Golden Gate has an extension of about 2 miles and a height of just over 200 metres. Guests can make the crossing by car, bicycle or on foot. For those who like to drive, for example, they say that the feeling of driving a car up there is amazing.

The crossing of the Golden Gate Bridge can be held every day, but as it is several meters high it is good to take a coat to protect herself from the wind and the cold even if it is in summer, because the wind that hits up there is quite icy. If you walk, get ready, because it’s pretty extensive. Just get there and cross. The bridge is divided into one part for pedestrians, one for cyclists and one for cars. In addition, there is a helicopter tour of the city that you can see the Golden Gate from above, taking a very nice tour of the city.

San Diego, California.

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San Diego, California

San Diego is one of the largest cities in the United States and what is not lacking there are cool tourist places for you to know. There are many things to do in the city, see how many days you’re going to stay there and what are the coolest places for you to know. In San Diego, as well as throughout California, the ideal is to rent a car to get around and know where to stay in San Diego, to stay in the best regions and close to the main sights.

The main tourist spot of the Californian city, and that can not be left out of your list of what to do there, is undoubtedly the amazing Sea World San Diego Park. Famous for its themed shows and marine animals, SeaWorld San Diego is one of the most visited sights of all over California and the world, so mandatory stop for any tourist. The park is huge and has several options, from feeding penguins to venturing into very radical roller coasters. Because it is a very visited attraction its infrastructure is very good, full of shops, restaurants and more to accommodate thousands of visitors daily. Without a doubt, this is one of the most fun places to visit in San Diego, California.

Another really cool tour of doing in San Diego is the San Diego Zoo, which is considered the most important zoo on the planet for having infrastructure built according to each habitat of the more than 4,000 animals living there. There are several animals such as tigers, koalas, giraffes, polar bears, lions and many others. There are also guided tours, restaurants, shops, snack bars and recreation and rest areas to welcome your visitors even better. For those with children this attraction should be on the priority of the list of what to do in San Diego. Another similar place is wild animal park safari in San Diego. But unlike the Zoo, in this place the animals do not stay in cages, but in open areas that simulate their natural habitat. This is a beautiful place and worth visiting. The two places are easy to get by car, so be sure to rent yours.

Yosemite National Park, California.

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Yosemite National Park, California

Located in the Sierra Nevada, California, Yosemite is one of the most visited national parks in the United States. Its scenery is full of superlatives: the largest waterfall in North America (Yosemite Falls), the most famous vertical rock in the world (El Capitan), the greatest organisms of all time (giant redwoods).

Famous for the giant waterfalls and granites, the park is a true paradise for those who like nature. There are over 1200 square miles of protected areas, a real playground for those who enjoy outdoor walks. To enjoy the best of the park, combine car rides (or shuttle) through the hiking lookouts.

The high season in Yosemite is from June to August during the summer holidays. This time requires planning in advance, as it is difficult to find availability in the campsites at the last minute.  In addition, the trails are very crowded. On the other hand, it is during these months that the park lies in its splendor, with beautiful sunny days. In the cold months, from October to April, much of the roads are closed, but the conditions are great for cross country skiing. For those who like snow sports, there is even a small ski track!

The ideal is to book in advance. The vacancies open with an award time and run out quickly for the high season. If you leave it up the hour, it is important to keep an eye on yosemite’s official website daily to try to find accommodation options. But still, it’s no guarantee of success.

Glacier National Park, Montana.

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Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park is an American national park located in the state of Montana, almost on the canadian border. It is famous for its irregular snow-covered peaks, emerald green and turquoise lakes, great diversity of plants and wildlife, as well as valleys and glaciers.

Known as the Crown of the Continent, Glacier National Park covers land of more than 1 million acres. Explore ice-carved peaks and valleys, waterfalls, and iconic Going-to-the-Sun Road, which runs through the heart of the park to the Continental North American Divide on Logan Pass. The park is open all year round and offers sightseeing, wildlife observations, boat trips, snow trips, cross-country skiing, cycling, sophisticated meals and luxurious accommodations. In autumn, contemplate the beauty of fallen leaves on the floor.

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

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Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Considered a refuge from the most illustrious Americans, Martha’s Vineyard is an island south of Massachussets that has a unique charm with its typical New England homes. At 231 km², the destination has hosted several American presidents like John Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama during their vacation and has everything to be a great ride for those in Boston.

Situated seven kilometers from the mainland, Martha’s Vineyard boasts a rich history of Native American peoples, clay cliffs, distinctive lighthouses and charming small towns, offering visitors plenty to explore on foot and by bike.

To know the place, the tip is to take a guided tour through the main points of the island, such as Vineyard Haven, Chilmark, the cliffs of Gay Head – one of the most beautiful places on the island – John Belucci Cemetery, Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard’s Beverly Hills, “Shark” Bridge – which has that name because of Steven Spilberg’s film – and Oak Bluff. The latter is a special place. Oak Bluff is a village where houses – Victorian-style – seem to be out of a fairy tale. Painted in cheerful colors, the houses catch the attention of any tourist.

How to get there: From Boston, you can reach Martha’s Vineyard by boat and ferry. There are tours leaving the hotels early in, where a van leads to Woods Hole and from there tourists board the ferry to the island. Crossing lasts on average 45 minutes

Havasu Falls, Arizona.

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Havasu Falls, Arizona

Covered by semi-arid landscapes, Arizona holds many natural beauties. They are incredible rock formations, canyons, rivers and even waterfalls. In the Grand Canyon region, north of the state, there is a real oasis: Havasu Falls.

In the heart of the Havasupai Indian Reserve is Havasu Canyon, one of the arms of the Grand Canyon. The river that cuts through this canyon, a tributary of the Colorado River, is born right there, in the middle of the desert, and, by irrigating the arid lands, allows the existence of trees along its bed.

Havasu Canyon is marked by waterfalls and waterfalls, especially navajo falls, Mooney Falls (60 meters of fall) and Havasu Falls (30 meters). The waters feature a stunning shade of turquoise blue and limestone rocks form beautiful natural pools.

All this is on the edge of the village of Supai, considered the most remote community in the United States (with the exception of Alaska). To get an idea, it is not possible to get there by car – only by helicopter, in cargo animals (such as mules) or on foot, through trails of at least 13 km. After so much effort, the reward is to cool off in the waterfalls.

Florida Keys.

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Florida Keys

The Overseas Highway passes through five large sets of islands. Speaking only of the main ones, starts with Key Largo, then Islamorada, Marathon, Big Pine Key, until reaching Key West, the last island in the southernmost point of the country. Standing on the bridge, coming from the north, on your left side will be the Atlantic Ocean, and from the right, the Gulf of Mexico. From Fort Lauderdale to Key West is a four-hour drive.

For starters we recommend that you make your reservation to Key West – the last of the inhabited islands. So you can assemble a itinerary passing through various attractions along the islands reaching the end of the day where you will spend the night.

No matter if you’re leaving Tampa or Miami, get out early! You’ll have a lot to explore on the way, but don’t worry about getting to Key West only at night. Remember: the road itself is one of the tourist attractions of the archipelago.

The state coral preservation park in Key Largo – the first of the islands – is a great stop for rest. From there, 100 miles (or 161 km) will still be required until Key West.

Marine life and beautiful coral reefs are its main attractions. If you have snorkeling glasses, feel free to dive on the beach just after reception or stay tuned to the times when groups are taken for observation, guided by park staff. These tours are paid and are available on the park’s official website.

What to do in Key West

The small town of Key West has several interesting sights. Disabled headlights, natural parks and beauty-filled beaches are several of the options.

You can start the day at Southernmost Point Buoy, which is a concrete monument representing the southernmost point of the United States. They say it’s possible to see Cuba from there on a sunny day. Ninety miles separate the two countries, somewhere around 145 km.

Next to the monument is Lighthouse Tower and Keeper’s Quarters, a lighthouse serving as a museum and allows visitors to have beautiful views of the city.

But it’s very likely that you don’t want to spend sunny Sunday amid buildings, paved streets and houses. The beaches of Key West deserve to be explored.

Zion National Park, Utah.

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Zion National Park, Utah

“The Promised Land” of Utah’s first settlers today has turned into a destination sought after by travelers who love nature and lovers of adventure sports. Zion National Park is full of activity options for all ages and tastes.

Zion Park is undoubtedly a paradise. Especially when it comes to the magnificent views of the valley. When arriving at the park, what draws the most attention are the great sandstone rocks. They are composed of varied colors – beige, orange and red tones – that make up inspiring scenarios. These rock formations are results of erosion that has been sculpting nature over many years.

Outside the unique landscape, it is a real amusement park for those who enjoy connecting with the nature of the most varied forms. Whether by hiking, hiking along the Virgin River or climbing. For those who like to go deeper into the research, it is worth saying that the area houses wide varieties of species of animals, plants and flowers.

Zion National Park is on the outskirts of springdale town, located about 150 miles from Las Vegas in Nevada. For those coming from Utah, the park is 280 miles from the state capital, Salt Lake City. It is the oldest of utah’s five-park set, the famous Mighty 5.

Zion National Park is open 24 hours a day all year round. But major services, such as the Visitor Center, have their schedules limited according to the time of year. In winter, for example, the shuttle, the park’s free shuttle bus service, is not available to visitors. So it’s worth taking a good look at the site before planning your trip.

Brooklyn Bridge in New York City

Brooklyn Bridge in New York City

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge is one of those classic and must-see rides during your stay in the city – and I’d say you won’t tire of repeating it, even if you’ve come here other times. On the Brooklyn side, Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of the most beautiful places in New York.

The Brooklyn Bridge is definitely one of New York’s top postcards and crossing it on foot is one of its most popular tourist attractions!

The Brooklyn Bridge, which crosses the East River, was the world’s first suspended steel bridge, opened in 1883. Other than that, it’s very beautiful and offers one of the best views of Lower Manhattan.

The walking crossing extends for 2 km and lasts on average a half hour (or more, depending on how many stops for photos you make). Ideally, take this tour in the morning, as that’s when the sun reflects on the Manhattan skyline.

The park below the Brooklyn Bridge in New York

Discover the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York, one of the city’s most sought-after parks by the most tuned tourists. This park under the city’s most famous bridge has an incredible view in summer, where you can observe the Manhattan skyline and winter even more, the sun in contrast to snow, is an indescribable landscape with a privileged view of the island of Manhattan. Bronklyn Bridge Park is on the shores of the East River between the Brooklyn Bridge bridges, which is one of ny’s most beautiful postcards, and Manhattan Bridge, an area known as Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass (D.U.M.B.O). One of the best ways to enjoy the place is to start with a walking tour to enjoy the quiet or bike ride through Brooklyn Bridge Park and back towards Manhattan, heading down the Brooklyn Bridge.

Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is a unique combination of history, culture and nature.

As soon as you step into Santa Fe, you’ll realize that this is a place unlike any other. With references of history and tradition, formed by the cultures of Amerindians, Spaniards, Mexicans, cowboys, artists and the modern USA, Santa Fe is among the most original cities in the country. You will find that she is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, having even been named by Condé Nast Traveler magazine as the “Best Little Town”.

Centrally located in the Rocky Mountains of northern New Mexico, Santa Fe attracts artists, adventurers, curious, skiers and writers to their temperate climate and plenty of scenery.

The second oldest city and state capital in the country at the highest altitude (2,200 meters above sea level), new Mexico’s oldest city preserves a sophisticated atmosphere: it is Santa Fe’s own style.

But what to do in Santa Fe, do you wonder? It is a city for those who appreciate the arts, famous for its huge artistic community, many galleries and museums; for those who like outdoor activities (skiing and other sports in the winter and many trails in summer, for hiking, mountain biking, etc.) and how it could not fail to be, history (it is the second oldest city in the USA, behind only Saint Augustine in Florida). It also eats very well in Santa Fe, which has restaurants of all kinds and prices to please the many tourists who visit the city.

Be sure to visit the New Mexico History Museum: the historic museum includes the Governors’ Palace (built with clay in 1610 and still very well preserved) and a modern building next to it has a timeline telling the history of New Mexico: of the communities indigenous to Spanish colonization, Mexico’s independence, the battle against the Americans, the incorporation into the U.S., the process of becoming a state, the films of the wild west, the construction of the atomic bomb, to this day. It is very interesting, the Palace of Governors has a cool exhibition but it is in the new building that they actually show the most complete timeline, which occupies the basement and much of the first floor, all very well explained and well assembled. On the second floor there is a small area on cowboys, where children can dress up as a cowboy and try to lace a wooden steer.

Kauai, Hawaii.

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is known for its natural beauty. With the Na Pali Coast, Waimea Canyon and the only navigable rivers in the state of Hawaii, the island’s stunning landscape is the first thing visitors notice and the last thing they remember. Even the nickname “The Garden Isle” does not do justice to its beauty. Green trees grow canopy on the island’s few roads, sandy beaches, coral reefs and immense sea cliffs frame stunning mountains. Life here moves at a slower pace.

Crossing more than 30 km, the Holo Holo Koloa Scenic Byway follows some of Kauai’s most significant landmarks, while the Koloa Heritage Trail has 14 historic stops along the south coast. Visit kilohana plantation estate, a Hawaii Historic Landmark, which also has a narrated train ride, restaurant and samples from Hawaii’s only rum distillery. Stroll through a traditional Hawaiian village recreated in Kamokila Hawaiian Village; it is also a great place to walk and paddle in the Uluwehi Falls (Secret Falls). The historic Waimea is where Cap. James Cook landed in 1778, visit the center to see his statue.

Take a boat or kayak ride, by helicopter or a difficult walk along the Kalalau Trail to the Costa de Na Pali; there is no access for vehicles to this immaculate ocean-facing refuge. Kauai has the only navigable rivers in the island chain; wailua river for an unforgettable experience. Take a walk through Waimea Canyon, a geological wonder known as the Pacific Grand Canyon. See wildlife and a picturesque lighthouse at Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge. Be sure to take a picture at Spouting Horn, then take a dip, snorkel and sunbathe at Poipu Beach.

The Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii

The Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii

With 64 miles of black sandy beaches, waterfalls and bamboo jungles, Road to Hana is a must for any maui visitor. The two-lane route, also known as the Hāna Highway, connects Kahului with the small town of Hana in eastern Maui, offering panoramic views, many excursions and some of Hawaii’s most beautiful landscapes along the way. Read on to learn how you can make the most of your trip on this beautiful island.

Road to Hana Popular Attractions Some of the sights you can visit in your Hana adventure are the famous seven sacred pools of Oheo, the Twin Falls, ho’okipa lookout, honomanu bay, the two arboretas, hana lava tube and wai’anapanapa State Park. For a piece of history, stop at palapala Ho’omau Church, situated on the coast of Kipahulu, where the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh is buried. The town of Hana itself is small but lovely, and has many nice beaches.

The Capital of the USA, Washington, D.C.

The Capital of the USA, Washington, D.C.

For most people across the globe, Washington, D.C. is just a place with a white house taking up plenty of news space. For nearly a century this city in the northwest of the United States is the center of Western political power and decisions that have repercussions on the lives of billions of people. But she is much more alive, colorful and interesting than one makes it supposed.

Washington, D.C. is a city that has a lot to offer its visitors. Museums, cultural options, fun, great restaurants and, on the side of Virginia, great shopping options.

When not to go? In winter. There’s a lot of the programs going on and most of the programs are outdoors. Thus, in the cold programs become less attractive. You will enjoy much less than in other times. In summer, despite the heat, the city is nice and looks very beautiful.

The highlight of the American capital are museums, there are 17 FREE options with amazing exhibitions and collections, for those who like art, history, science… You can see the full list and what is on display in each of them on the Smithsonian Institute website.

There are also monuments in honor of the presidents and other important characters in American history. These are the ones we recommend most:

Lincoln Memorial – yes, it’s what has an immense sculpture of the former president (nearly six feet high) and a staircase with beautiful views of the National Mall.

Martin Luther King Memorial – on the edge of the lake, he refers to one of the pastor’s best-known phrases and social activist “of a mountain of despair, a stone of hope.” It is very worth visiting and then walking on the water’s edge.

Washington Monument – This one you can see from various parts of the city, because it is a 170-meter-high obelisk and is right in the middle of Constitution Gardens.

As Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States, there are still several amazing public buildings for you to visit for free as well, such as: the Capitol, which is worth scheduling a tour, and the Library of Congress.

Is it good for kids?

Yes, as long as you schedule yourself to walk a lot with them, be it taking a stroller to the little ones or planning strategic stops in the middle of the road to rest. In addition to museums, there is also the city zoo, with free admission, which usually pleases toddlers a lot, with pandas, sea lions, among other animals. 👉 See more tips while traveling with kids.

Places to visit with your kids on budget

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