Best exercises to practice in pregnancy | Safe Pregnancy Workouts

Physical exercises promote muscle tone, strength and endurance, which will help the body carry the extra weight of pregnancy, prepare the woman for labor effort and will also collaborate to get the body back in shape after the baby is born

Exercise During Pregnancy: Safety, Benefits & Guidelines. Exercise during pregnancy is beneficial for both you and your baby. It is important to know what steps to take before you exercise during pregnancy.

Motherhood is always a special moment in a mother’s life, where various care is required. However, pregnancy cannot be synonymous with sedentary lifestyle, because physical exercise, accompanied by a professional during this period, can make a big difference during pregnancy.

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Is it safe to wear heels during pregnancy? Side Effects & Safety Tips

Check out what experts think about the accessory and what are the most recommended footwear for future moms

Is it safe to wear heels during pregnancy? Side Effects & Safety Tips
Although the accessory is, for many, symbol of elegance, professionals agree that high heels can negatively affect the woman's posture. When the mother's belly grows and the weight goes forward, there is a process of displacement of the center of gravity – which is in the navel region – causing a possible imbalance, which can be aggravated by the use of high heels.
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Who said fashion and pregnancy don’t match has never seen the pictures of model Ashley Graham! The American is always fueling her social networks with fabulous images of stylish clothes that respect her pregnancy curves. In some of them, the future mom appears parading on top of shoes with thin heels and arouses doubts – and judgments. But, after all, can or can’t you wear high heels in pregnancy? Understand what experts think about it.

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How to Get Your Baby to Sleep: The sleep of the newborn baby and its two phases

How’s the baby’s rest? When do you sleep and how often do you wake up? The sleep of the little one seems a difficult issue, but it is not.

how to get to baby sleep? Find tips and advices  to helping him develop good sleep habits.
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Baby sleep – One of the secrets to knowing your baby and also to help you reconcile sleep is by diving into your mysteries. Just as we adults have different ways of sleeping, babies also have their particularities, although there are common characteristics.

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Understand what GH is and how it acts on the child’s growth

The hormone is used in the treatment of child growth deficit. Learn which signs to be aware of to diagnose the condition as soon as possible

How can parents tell if their child is growing up properly?
Child Growth, Physical Growth of Infants and Children, Normal growth and development
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Since the baby comes out of the womb, one of the parents’ main concerns is: is it growing as it should? For those who live with the child every day, however, it is difficult to solve this issue alone. Marking the height on the wall is fun, but it’s not enough when assessing your child’s growth.

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How to act in domestic accidents with children

Asphyxiation, falling, drowning and burning are some of the main events that can put the lives of the little ones at risk indoors

How to act in domestic accidents with children

Every year, hundreds of children die or are hospitalized because of accidents or unintentional injuries. “Many of them happen in the domestic environment, especially with young children, who stay longer at home,” says pediatrician Renata Waksman.

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First aid: learn what to do in accidents with children in the park

Grated knee, dog bite, dehydration… If the family tour is interrupted by some incidents with the children, it is good to be prepared!

learn what to do in accidents with children in the park

In summer (actually not only in the summer time), especially with the school holidays enacted, outdoor tours saw real attractions – and rightly so, rightly so, right? After all, it is always a good idea to encourage the children to leave the house to get in touch with nature and play with the schoolgirls away from the screens. However, we know that all activities have their risks and even a going to the harmless park can bring some scares, especially when it involves the agitation of children (they never stop playing around and parents should be aware).

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Childhood sugar consumption: when to give the baby the first sweet?

Sugar should not be offered to children under two years of age. Understand why and see tips for balancing the menu after that age

Sugar should not be offered to children under two years of age.

The scientific community was more emphatic in the latter on the issue that sugar should not be offered in the first years of life.
The main concern is with the category of ultra-processed. Ready drinks, industrialized juices, crackers, petit suisse cheeses, flavored yogurts require moderation, but still end up being part of the food introduction of many children. “Several studies show that, unfortunately, we have a bad eating habit, and 83% of children are presented to this category in early childhood, which is not appropriate,” says Marisa C. (nutritionist).

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Focus and sociability contribute to a child becoming a successful adult

Keeping focused is the main factor contributing to a child’s success in the future

Focus and sociability contribute to a child becoming a successful adult

You should remember the famous marshmallow test, conducted in the 1960s, to assess the self-control of children aged 7 to 9. They could choose between attacking the candy immediately or waiting for the researcher to return and gain two goodies. The result showed that those who could wait for the double reward had more success in adulthood. A new version of the research has just been conducted by Canadian scientists using data from 2,850 participants in a longitudinal study (conducted for a long period) with preschool children from Quebec (Canada). Later, they were tracked from 33 to 35 years.

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