Dry skin – Know the causes and how to treat dry skin on the face

  1. Skin resection and the relationship with facial skin types
  2. Understanding the causes
  3. Factors that can lead to dry skin on the face
  4. What are the solutions for a dry facial skin?
  5. Related products

The skin of the face is one of the most important parts of our body.  However, when it dries out, it can become stiff and stretched out, even reddish, scaly and itchy.  There are several causes that lead to dry facial skin and understanding them will help to find relevant solutions.

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Skincare during pregnancy. Most frequent questions

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Skincare during pregnancy – Source: Freepik

Skincare in pregnancy – Have you ever stopped to think how the largest organ in the human body, the skin, reacts to pregnancy changes? Like the other parts of the body, the woman’s skin feels all the physical and hormonal changes during and after pregnancy, so it is common to notice changes that range from skin pigmentation to the aspect of the nail.

Pregnancy dermatoses can be classified into three groups: physiological skin changes, pre-existing problems that worsen with pregnancy and skin problems inherent to pregnancy. This means that, besides the common alterations, women with genetic predisposition or some specific problem can present manifestations in the dermis.

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How to Relieve a Headache & Tips To Get Rid of a Headache

Headache has many types: differentiate the common headache from migraine

Tips To Get Rid of a Headache


– Headache, also called headache, is all the discomfort felt in the region of the skull

– Among the various types that exist, the most common is migraine, which is usually inherited

– The greatest risk of neglecting the inconvenience is that it leads to the excessive use of painkillers and the aggravation of pain, which can become daily

– To avoid crises, care is for life

Family conflicts, lack of time for leisure and self-care, problems at work. With so much to manage in your day to day life, you can be one more in the statistics of people who live having headaches triggered by stress. Considered one of the most common complaints in doctor’s offices, losing only to lower back pain, headache, also known as headache, has a prevalence of 96%, especially among women. This means that practically everyone can have this symptom throughout their life. One of its types, migraine, affects as much as 10% of the world’s population.

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8 benefits of petting for children

Disclosure: This is a SPONSORED CONTENT, but we believe the topic is highly relevant to our users and can also contribute interesting information and curiosities for people and their families.

Science proves: having a pet at home early is good for children’s physical and emotional development

Source: Pexels.com

Fathers and mothers who had pets in childhood know how remarkable these companions are. Besides creating unforgettable memories, contact with pets can make a child have a longer, healthier and happier life. Check out below some of the benefits already demonstrated by studies and prepare yourself with the arrival of the dog, cat or other pet at home.

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How to relieve back pain in pregnancy

To relieve back pain during pregnancy, the pregnant woman can lie on her stomach with her knees bent and arms stretched out along her body, keeping the whole spine well settled on the floor or on a firm mattress. This position accommodates the vertebrae well, removing the weight from the back, thus relieving the back pain in a few minutes.

Back pain can be a major problem among most pregnant women, but with some changes in routines, precautions and exercises that can be performed at home it is possible to go through pregnancy without back pain.

Back pain is a common situation that occurs in 7 out of 10 pregnant women, and especially affects teenagers, who are still growing, women who smoke and those who have already presented a picture of back pain before becoming pregnant.

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Back pain: what can it be and what to do

Small changes in daily tasks, such as stretching and caring for emotional health, can show results in improving back pain

Back pain relief: what can it be and what to do
Back pain: what can it be and what to do

You probably felt some discomfort on your back at some point this year. You complained of pain or felt uncomfortable sitting at your computer to work.

Normal.After all, back pain – or lombalgy, if you want to use a more technical term – is one of the most common causes of visits to the doctor and the main reason for limitations of movement and absences from work in most of the planet, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), one of the largest health authorities in the world.

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Postpartum depression: main symptoms, causes and treatments

Postpartum Depression and the Baby Blues: Symptoms, causes, and diagnosis
Postpartum Depression and the Baby Blues: Symptoms, causes, and diagnosis

Postpartum depression is a mood disorder that can affect women after delivery. It does not have a single cause, but probably results from a combination of physical and emotional factors.

In mothers with postpartum depression feelings of sadness, anxiety and exhaustion can be extreme and can interfere with a woman’s ability to care for herself or her child.

It is estimated that between 70 and 80% of new mothers are affected by Baby Blues or maternal sadness, as it is also known.

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The baby food manual: How to teach your baby to eat healthily

Ten key steps for young children to eat well and ensure full development and perfect health

Healthy Food for babies and toddlers.  It's never too early to help your child learn to enjoy healthy eating.

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How to introduce healthy food for babies? There is no more sincere love than love of food, according to Irish playwright Bernard Shaw (1856-1950). And a booklet launched by UNICEF, the United Nations arm for childhood, can help parents awaken that feeling in their children, without complications. There are ten recommendations for the feeding of children up to the age of two.

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How to Teach Your Child to Handle Money From an Early Age

Raise financially successful kids. Everything Your Child Needs to Know About Money. Make sure your kids don't miss out on these important lessons.

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Source: Freepik.com

Here are some tips that can be incorporated into the daily lives of families and that will make a big difference in the financial future of children

As important as health and education habits are the financial habits of a family. The way people handle their finances says a lot about their balance even in other areas, after all, economic life reflects much of the other social, professional and family aspects. This also means that it is from this financial culture that children will form their awareness of money, consumption, expenses, values and, above all, financial responsibility. Teaching children how to save money in order to achieve what they want will also help them to be self-confident and have a healthy financial life in the future.

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