Children’s hair: 7 tips for Caring For Your Child’s Hair

tips for Caring For Your Child's Hair

Even before they are born, the subject is already a reason for speculation: will it be born with a lot of hair or completely bald? And the color of the hair? And when they grow? After all, is there anything more beautiful than children’s hair? Super silky, soft and, of course, always with that little smell that captivates anyone!

But these strands also need attention! Many parents believe that children’s hair does not need special care and end up giving up even the use of conditioner, it’s important to seal the cuticles of the hair shaft after using the shampoo. Precisely at this stage, the strands need to be strong and nourished to develop, besides having the scalp, still very fragile, strengthened.

So, do you want to know how to keep that jealous hair that your baby shows around? Keep reading and we will give you simple and practical tips!
Learn how to take care of your child’s hair with these 7 tips

Tip 1: Invest in low poo
Perhaps you have seen in hair blogs about this technique, adopted especially by the curly ones. And for the children it is very welcome too! This is because low poo products do not take in their formulation sulfates, petrolates and parabeno.

Every shampoo has the function of opening the hair cuticles for cleaning and better absorption of nutrients. But in the case of shampoos with sulfate, this cleaning is much deeper, which leaves the cuticles much more open and the core of the hair shaft much more exposed. If in an adult’s hair the result is already opaque and more prone to breakage, imagine the damage to a child’s most delicate hair? Avoid products that contain in the formulation ingredients with endings such as “sulfate”, “sulfonate”, “sulfosuccinate”.

Parabens also need to stay away from the hair of their babies, because they can attack the scalp and cause allergies. In the case of petrolates, they may even look like a good idea, since they leave the hair silkier, but this happens because it forms a film around the thread, very difficult to get out and that will require the use of shampoos with sulfate for complete cleaning.

Childre's Hair

Tip 2: Look for the anti-allergic ones
When they are still babies, just choose a specific shampoo for small children and it’s all right: these formulations are delicate, do not harm the eyes and have controlled pH. But after 3 years you can’t use baby shampoo anymore, right?

A tip that we always give here is to observe the product packaging, because only knowing what is there is that you can judge if it is good or not. In the case of allergens, a lot of things in the composition can provoke a contact dermatitis and if the child already has a greater sensibility, it is good to realize a contact test of the product with a small area of the arm skin, for instance, to see the reaction before applying it all over the scalp.

Tip 3: Good products for fewer steps
Even if the hair is more delicate, it doesn’t need a big investment in many steps. After all, child really wants to play and run and, let’s combine, hair should not be one of their priorities, right? And then, the mother is desolated, making a thousand processes in a hair that soon, soon, will be all messed up!

That’s why taking care of a child’s hair should be easy for you! Invest on hair health with the adequate products, respecting the texture of the threads and always keeping an eye on the packaging!

Tip 4: For curly hair, comb cream
Ok, maybe who has a baby with curly hair at home should put an extra step in the routine: the combing cream. It helps to untangle the curly or thicker strands of hair and also gives a curl pattern by controlling the volume. Now, if the hair is really “rebellious”, a leave-in, even with dry hair, can help to align the hair strands. But, without stress!

Como cuidar dos cabelos das crianças? Se informar sempre é importante!

Tip 5: Hair stuck, only if it is dry
Be it ponytail or braid, only with very dry hair! Wet hair does not dry out and can even cause fungus on the scalp. And also, when trapping them wet, when they are more fragile, the risk of breaking is much greater!

Tip 6: Dryer or babyliss only on VERY special occasions
Did you notice the emphasis on VERY? Yeah, take that advice seriously! Heat tools are harmful even for adults who have their hair well cared for and hydrated, imagine in the hair of a child. What happens is that the high temperature removes the natural humidity from the threads, leaving them weak and brittle.

It appeared the event of the year and will not have how to escape from the heat on the hair strands?Take some care such as the use of a thermal protector before the contact of the tool with the hair strands.

Tip 7: No need to wash every day
The recommended washing frequency is 3 or 4 times a week at most. Washing too often can remove the natural oil produced by the scalp for your protection and leave it irritated and the threads dry.

Ah, the use of the dryer also deserves special attention. If possible, wash your hair in the morning or afternoon to allow it to dry naturally, but if the threads need to be washed at night, dry them well with a towel and only then use the dryer, at a distance of about 25cm from the scalp.

With delicacy and good products, the hair strands have everything they need to develop strong, healthy and, of course, always beautiful!

Children's hair deserves extra attention and specific products.

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