How to Relieve a Headache & Tips To Get Rid of a Headache

Headache has many types: differentiate the common headache from migraine

Tips To Get Rid of a Headache


– Headache, also called headache, is all the discomfort felt in the region of the skull

– Among the various types that exist, the most common is migraine, which is usually inherited

– The greatest risk of neglecting the inconvenience is that it leads to the excessive use of painkillers and the aggravation of pain, which can become daily

– To avoid crises, care is for life

Family conflicts, lack of time for leisure and self-care, problems at work. With so much to manage in your day to day life, you can be one more in the statistics of people who live having headaches triggered by stress. Considered one of the most common complaints in doctor’s offices, losing only to lower back pain, headache, also known as headache, has a prevalence of 96%, especially among women. This means that practically everyone can have this symptom throughout their life. One of its types, migraine, affects as much as 10% of the world’s population.

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