Focus and sociability contribute to a child becoming a successful adult

Keeping focused is the main factor contributing to a child’s success in the future

Focus and sociability contribute to a child becoming a successful adult

You should remember the famous marshmallow test, conducted in the 1960s, to assess the self-control of children aged 7 to 9. They could choose between attacking the candy immediately or waiting for the researcher to return and gain two goodies. The result showed that those who could wait for the double reward had more success in adulthood. A new version of the research has just been conducted by Canadian scientists using data from 2,850 participants in a longitudinal study (conducted for a long period) with preschool children from Quebec (Canada). Later, they were tracked from 33 to 35 years.

This time, scientists have found that paying attention, that is, to stay focused, is the main factor that contributes to a child’s success in the future. On the other hand, the most sociable are more likely to secure better wages years later. That is, this study revealed that focus and sociability have to do with success in the future. “Parents are responsible for welcoming, encouraging the little one to express their feelings and face frustrations. Thus, we favor self-esteem, cognitive development and empathy. All this will certainly make a difference in the future,” explains pediatrician Gabriela Judith Crenzel.

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